Rais Rina

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Rais Rina

This beautiful and functional stove has an elegant, rounded front, oblique sides and does not take a lot of space. Rina has a large glass door, and the fire looks stunning through the large window. Rina is ideal for your home, holiday house or cabin. There is a shaking grate and a useful ash tray. The stove is available with top or rear outlet for the flue duct. Air-System, which takes combustion air from the outside, is also available for Rina.



    Rais Rina

    Dimensions (W-D-H)
    External dimensions (W-D-H) in mm:461 – 411 – 901
    Combustion chamber inner dimensions (W-D-H) in mm:295 – 225 – 393
    Flue outlet (diameter):150
    Distance from centre to the back edge of the top plate in mm:179
    Distance from floor to the centre of the AirSystem connection:119
    Distance from floor to the centre of the flue outlet, top:861
    Distance from floor to the centre of the flue outlet, back:786

    Heating (at -20°C) in m2:30 – 90
    Efficiency in %:79%
    Particulates in g/kg:1,39
    Weight in kg:105

    Distance to flammable material
    To side wall in mm:350
    To back wall in mm:150
    Recommended distance in mm to non-flammable wall, sides and back:50

    Steel door with glass:STANDARD
    Glass door:ACCESSORY
    Flue outlet, top and back:STANDARD
    Riddling grate and ash tray:STANDARD
    Steel door:Standard

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